General Terms and Conditions of
La Scala Apartment Hotel

La Scala Apartment Hotel, 
Schützengasse 19, 1030 Wien,


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1. Conclusion of the agreement


The agreement is concluded as soon as the apartment and other services have been ordered and confirmed, or have been made available, if confirmation was no longer possible.

2. Arrival and departure


If not otherwise agreed, the room/apartment will not be available before 2 p.m. of the day of arrival.


All rooms have to be vacated by 10 a.m. of the day of departure. If the apartment has not been vacated at this time, La Scala Apartments will be entitled to charge 50 % of the full room price for the day of departure. If the room is only vacated after 2 p.m., the full room price may be charged.

3. Services, prices


Which services/prices have been contractually agreed can be seen both from the full description of the house on the internet at and from the details of the reservation confirmation, which refers to it. If no concrete price has been agreed, all prices published in the price part of the homepage will be regarded as part of the agreement.


Should the statutory Value Added Tax change after the agreement has been concluded, the agreed price will change accordingly.

4. Payment


The price for the apartment has to be paid on arrival before the apartment is occupied resp. by the 1 st of each month for the current month, either in cash or by credit card. Additional services such as final cleaning, garage etc. are not included in the apartment price and have to be paid in advance at the same time as the rent.


Any default of payment enables LA SCALA APARTMENTS to withhold any further services from the current agreement, as well as to withdraw from any agreements concerning future services. Apart from that LA SCALA APARTMENTS is entitled to charge the tenant with any damages incurred.


Place of fulfilment for all payment obligations is the location of the enterprise.


Services, which the tenant is entitled to, which however were not claimed cannot be refunded.

5. Cancellation terms


Short term stays ( 1 - 30 days ):
In case of cancellation up to 15 days before arrival: free of charge
In case of late cancellation: 100 % of the total accommodation price


Long term stays ( from 30 days ):
In case of cancellation up to 14 days before arrival: free of charge
In case of cancellation 13 to 7 days before arrival: 50 % of the total accommodation price
In case of cancellation from 6 days before arrival: 100 % of the total accommodation price


Trade fairs , christmas time and new year period :

In case of cancellation up to 28 days before arrival: free of charge
In case of cancellation from 27 days before arrival: 100 % of the total accommodation price

In case of late cancellation from any other website like,,,,,….: 100 % of the total accommodation price

Non refundable rate: this price is a very cheap price. LA SCALA APARTMENTS has the right to charge the total amount from the credit card at the same day the reservation was made. We do not return the money for any reason. The customer need a separate health insurance or cancellation insurance.


Groups ( more than 4 apartments ):
In case of cancellation up to 80 days before arrival: free of charge
In case of cancellation up to 30 days before arrival: 50 % of the total accommodation price
In case of cancellation up to 15days before arrival: 90 % of the total accommodation price
The cancellation conditions for groups apply to short and long term stays.


The total accommodation price is the confirmed price for the entire period, for which LA SCALA APARTMENTS has reserved the apartment


The period of notice for premature departure is 14 days.


In case of non arrival any liability will be with the originator of the order.

6. Liability


The tenant is liable for all damages, which incur to LA SCALA APARTMENTS either caused by him, his guests or any other persons, he is responsible for.


LA SCALA APARTMENTS is entitled to terminate the agreement without prior notice if the tenant/guest uses the rented rooms for another than the contractually agreed purpose. The claim to payment of the agreed apartment price in the amount of the booking will remain.


No liability for damages can be derived from LA SCALA APARTMENTS inability to render its services due to an Act of God or strike. However, LA SCALA APARTMENTS is obliged to obtain other services of equal value for the client. This applies especially to the following:
- In case of non-observance of our fire protection rules, the tenant, his/her guests and other persons will be made liable for the expenses caused by a false alarm to the fire brigade.
- In case of loss of the apartment key a fee of € 50 ,-- will be charged. Should the tenant need a door opening service, he will be charged with € 150,--.


LA SCALA APARTMENTS acts on behalf and on the account of a guest/tenant if it obtains any external services or technical or other equipment from third parties for him; the guest/tenant is liable for looking after and the correct return of all equipment and will release LA SCALA APARTMENTS from all claims by third parties, which result from hiring this equipment.

7. Guarantee


If a service is not rendered or not rendered in accordance with the agreement and common practice, the guest/tenant is entitled to request an upgrade.


The guest/tenant can demand a price reduction, which is equivalent to the reduced service if following the request for remedial action, services have not been rendered or not been rendered in accordance with the agreement. In case of any interruption of services, the guest/tenant is obliged to do everything that is reasonable to contribute to remedy to the disruption and to minimize any possible damage. The tenant is in particular obliged to inform the management immediately of his complaints. If the guest/tenant does not fulfil these obligations, he is not entitled to any price reductions.

8. Special hints


Tenants may not bring any animals.


Only small laundry items may be washed in the apartment if there is a washing machine.


To guarantee the reliable delivery of mail, it is absolutely necessary for the guest/tenant to state his apartment number. A liability for loss, delay or damage is excluded.


LA SCALA APARTMENTS is entitled to request from the guest/tenant the discontinuation or reduction of any unduly disturbing noise. The tenant/guest is obliged to comply with such a request by LA SCALA APARTMENTS.


Any occupations against good morals by the guest/tenant entitle LA SCALA APARTMENTS to terminate the agreement immediately, maintaining its contractual claims for the period of the booking. LA SCALA APARTMENTS must be compensated for any other proven damages incurred.


An agreement can also be terminated in case of a protracted or infectious illness of the tenant (proof through medical certificate)

Costs: 100 % of the total accommodation price


Requests for wake up calls will be carried out with the greatest possible care. Claims for compensation, however, due to incorrect performance, are excluded.


All information will be provided to the best of our knowledge; however, without guaranty.


No liability will be assumed for lost property (items the tenant has forgotten). Any items will only be returned on request. LA SCALA APARTMENTS commits itself to keeping any items for a period of 2 weeks.


No liability will be assumed for money or valuables.


We will charge 50 € for any lost or damaged room keys.


Even if ordered in advance, the guest/tenant does not have any claim to specific rooms or accommodation. Should any agreed accommodation not be available, LA SCALA APARTMENTS is obliged to provide an equivalent replacement either at the house or in other properties.

9. General


As far as legally admissible, the competence of the court at the location of the enterprise will be agreed with respect to all disputes from this agreement and its fulfilment. (Wien – Vienna)


Should any provision of the General Terms and Conditions be ineffective, the validity of the other provisions will not be affected. An equivalent provision will apply instead of the invalid provision. Verbal agreements will only become effective if they have been confirmed in writing by LA SCALA APARTMENTS.